Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need for High Entropy!!!

"Want perfect hair?", "What is the secret to a perfect marriage?", "The Perfect man/woman"...
Do you see how much focus is given to perfection these days and the idea of perfect?
Models strive to possess that perfect body, most people are in search for the perfect job, others are looking to attain the perfect life. But, isn't all that relative???

When women are flaunting their beautiful hair for the 'perfect' hair products, the hair type varies between straight or wavy, short or long, and these days there is a wide range of hair colors too. So who is to say, which one, amongst the so many depicted, is perfect? And is there really anything called as perfect???

This may come as a shock to the many people who know me and classify me as a borderline case of perfectionism and uptightness. But, I truly have started thinking of perfect in a different light. It took me quite sometime to understand that, when I expect something to be done a certain way, I can expect that only of myself and nobody else, because their definition of perfect is different and they are fulfilling it. For others, my perfect might not be good enough. So, why bother thinking about perfection so much? Why can't we have enjoy the imperfections too???

If everybody were to have a perfect marriage, imagine how boring and monotonous, daily life would be. Disagreements and arguments add spice to life, and make everyday a little different from the previous one. We look at the absolutely happy and smiling families and wish we could be more like them, but maybe they want to be more like us. Maybe they are tired of being the picture of joy and want to be the 'real picture'. We can never know what perfect means to different people. But, one thing I know for sure is that nature wanted us to be imperfect. If I remember some of my physics correctly, every particle in nature is supposed to tend towards higher entropy, which in the layman's terms, means that every particle moves towards a higher level of randomness.

So, my thought is, if every small particle was intended to behave accordingly, it would definitely be expected of humans, made up of so many little particles, to work towards disorder!!! Why waste energy in being perfect, when you were meant to be whimsical??? The fun part of life is all the craziness that being imperfect, entails.

Just yesterday, I was driving on a road with no bumps, no potholes, no honking and cars moving at a designated speed maintaining a perfect line. This is like heaven for drivers in so many countries, where driving is an adventure in itself. Can't say much about other countries, but just from my 8 years of driving in India, I can say that driving in the United States is much less taxing and exhausting as opposed to the feats we would have to perform in India, just to report for work. But, somehow, when there was utter silence around me and I could hear the sound of my own breath, I felt uncomfortable. I missed the horns, the stray animals coming in the way of traffic whenever they wanted, cows camping up right in the middle of the road, pedestrians and cyclists considering themselves kings of the roads, appearing out of nowhere and everybody else trying to win in the race to outrun everybody else. I missed the chaos. Where was the thrill? Not that thrill is always good, it could be dangerous too. But, those are the entropy levels, my body particles are used to and they are confused now, as to what I want of them: orderly behavior or the innate chaos!

I am not saying that we should stop trying to be better, but don't consider that the only important thing in life. Because, life is going to try to throw in some obstacles and create ataxia, so, put up a fight for achieving what you believe is organized and proper. Don't think too much about perfection, because imperfections were expected of us and we will be tested time and again for it. Embrace the disorder for a moment and start your uphill task of being the 'perfect you', rather than be the 'perfect copy' of someone else.

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