Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To carry your hurt or to move on???

The cricket fever is back with the World Cup and whether it is interesting enough, is another debate. But, what bothers me is whether all of the players are really passionate for the game. That sent me back to the image of Saurav Ganguly hurling his shirt in the air when he led the team into winning the Natwest Trophy in 2002. Though a much debated action, it was a moment in cricket history, where for the first time a football-like aggression was witnessed by true fanatics of the game. There was a captain who really valued the victory, but more than that, he was a player, a sportsman who truly put his heart into the sport. And his passion for the game was evident in his uninhibited actions.

It is almost 10 years since that act of passion and now, when I look at him in the commentary box giving out critiques and analyzing the game, I know he doesn't belong there. He has received much flak for his abilities as a commentator, and as hardcore a fan of him as I am, I have to admit that he isn't very good at it. But what impresses me is the fact that he just doesn't give up. One way or another, he tries to keep coming back to the game. What happens when someone is kept away form doing what they really love??? There could be 2 options, there are some that are disheartened, who mope over it, but eventually get over it and move on with life. And then there are others, who claw their way back into achieving their dreams and getting back to their love. And you know what makes the second category different from the first. It is the fact that they really want it so bad, that it hurts more than anything when they are away from that dream. It is their will to turn that hurt into aggression and motivation, to lead them on.

That is what Saurav Ganguly has done. He was bid farewell from captaincy most disgracefully, he was accused publicly of putting himself ahead of the team, he was forced to opt for an early retirement and when he tried coming back with whatever form of cricket possible, he was made to face nothing but humiliation. It takes a lot of courage to face such ordeals. Only someone who desperately loves the sport, would do so much to come back and be accepted. Only someone who looks at it not as a source of earning, will find a way to be associated with it. That is the only reason he is back, trying his hand at something new. He knows he might not do very well at it, but it's his willingness to learn and start from the basics that affirm my belief that there is a fighter in him.

You have to surrender yourself completely, when you love something. You have to keep your fear of being accepted, aside. You have to ignore the humiliation you might face. You have to just concentrate on the goal and think of these blows as the little price you pay for ultimately getting that peace of mind, which you derive from giving it your all.

And I know this, because I have a passion. I know how it feels to be not able to make it, but still wanting to work at it so badly, that nothing else matters. Writing for me, is the ultimate source of happiness. My friend asked me the other day how I came up with things to write about. And to be honest, I really don't know. Writing is a like an extension of my thoughts, it is an ongoing process. I look at something, it strikes to me as interesting and evokes a chain of thoughts. And I know that I have to express it.

For years, I have contributed articles to newspapers and magazines. And only I know how difficult it was to get your piece published in the first go. I faced a lot of disappointments in many different ways. I wanted to be a journalist and write for a living, but there were some deterrents and I decided against it. For a long time now, I have been envious of people who were in this business. I nurtured my hurt and sorrow and completely turned away from writing. But I longed to be back; back to where I was me, and where I was satisfied. I would have that sudden spur of inspiration. And I was still looking to be published, to get success out of it. That is where I went wrong.

I recently realized, that nobody can keep you from doing what you love, but you! I was my obstacle. The minute I decided I am going to write because it gives me pleasure, the fear of being approved of, disappeared. Today I don't regret that writing is not my profession. Because I don't look at it as something that I have to do, because my career depends on it or because of any other serious implications. I look at it as something that refreshes me and rejuvenates my existence, it is my secret place where I can find comfort. And for that, I am thankful to the many fighters like Saurav Ganguly, who proved to me that there is nothing called too much or too late, when you do it to achieve your dream.


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    1. Thank you Navin! I am glad I could put my point across :)

  2. Very true. Dada was the one who introduced agression to this sport in India. Just this past weekend, at the guys cricket match, we were talking about it. Up until then we had captains like Azharuddin who would walk their teams into the field everyone looking like meek lambs to be slaughtered even if within, they felt confident of winning. Dada was the one who showed that we are not a team to take anything lying down! Its very important to be passionate about something in life. Everyone should have something worth fighting for, something that they're passionate about else life will not be exciting enough!

    1. I agree, you need to have new mountains to scale and the desire to give your all for that one thing you could die for, otherwise the journey is not worth it!

  3. Ganguly was a fighter and so are you. Loved reading it, Amruta. Yes, we just need to keep doing what we love and let go of the fear of being approved of. A nice lesson. :)

    But sad to see Ganguly being a pale shadow of his former self, maybe its finally time for him to let go of his passion.

    PS: What Ganguly is to you, Dravid is to me. Plz do read my posts on my Idol, Dravid. Thanks. :)

    1. Thanks Akshay, I will definitely take a peek at your blog post too....
      Although Ganguly might not be doing as well, but I believe he still is a fighter and he still doesn't cease to inspire me :)

  4. Hi Amrutha

    To begin with You write really well. This is my first visit to your blog. The language is of a great standard, yet not too complex and the flow is very nice.

    I read your post fully, every word of it till the end and that shows the quality of any post :D

    Coming to its contents, initially I thought of it as just another Cricket POst.No offence to them, but if its too technical then I would have trouble following it ha ha...

    Loved your way of relating it with your passion...
    Keep it going and good luck in all you do...

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your wonderful compliment. It feels nice to have your work appreciated. I love writing and there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than to have people being able to relate to my writing. So, thank you for making my day with your comments :)

      P.S. Even I don't understand it much when it comes the the technicalities. I like the human side of the game !

      Happy Blogging!


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