Saturday, February 12, 2011

Should Egypt thank Mark Zuckerberg???

For 18 days, the whole world was looking at just one country, the media moguls were caught up with just one man, but the common man was busy tweeting or facebooking (if thats what you call it), relaying their pent-up anger across the world. This revolt touched all corners of the world and struck a chord with the oppressed human spirit inside everyone.

This day made me think about a lot of people, Mahatma Gandhi for one and the more surprising person, Mark Zuckerberg. If the Mahatma was alive today, he would have been pleased to see the flag of non-violence soaring high, and that too in a country where he didn't introduce it.

And I am sure Mr. Zuckerberg must be proud to claim that the revolt kicked off on facebook. Even before the actual revolt took form in terms of protests, it had already gained momentum on facebook with people conveying  their intentions and inspiring many others to take the roads. So much so, that the only way out for the government was to cut down the internet and complete access to SNS. But by then, the damage had been done. 

It would be wrong to attribute the success of the uprising to facebook and twitter, but it will also be difficult to ignore their presence in the roots of the rebuke. Words can inspire the soul, but it is a waste where there is no courage. It was the undying courage of the commoners that they could say "Enough is enough". Mark Zuckerberg just provided them with a platform to express their views. 

That is the great thing about SNS. Almost a decade ago, you had to be powerful, rich or famous to be heard or talked about. But today, twitter, facebook and blogging has given people that via media to express themselves. And a lot of the times, they get noticed by eminent people. Even if they don't, the feeling of oppression is less felt, when you have a voice that can go across and be acknowledged by others.

Facebook might have started as a way to keep college students in touch, help them realize their fantasies in the form of virtual games; but it has unknowingly taken form as a significant dais for the youth and their aspirations. The constant urge to be updated and in touch with what's happening has brought the world closer than ever. Internet may be the most breakthrough invention, but it is SNS that has changed the face of human interaction across the globe. The fact that Ghosni tweeted as soon as he was released, speaks volumes about the preferred method of keeping people informed. The information and broadcasting industry is witnessing a change like never before. 

Mark Zuckerberg was rightly named "Person of the Year" by TIME for the sheer genius of his invention, but is he responsible for Egypt winning back its freedom? Not many would think so. It is a great day for Egypt and it is a day to be celebrated for the triumph of the human spirit. No one can take away the credit from the Egyptian people and Mr. Zuckerberg can just revel in the glory of being in the public eye AGAIN!!!

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