Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tacit Moments!

You and Me!

They ask, "What did you do today, how did you celebrate?",
I think, ponder and wonder "What did I do today?",
Deep in thought, I look back on the day,
And realize, I have nothing to say!

How can I not have anything to say,
I felt fulfilled and ecstatic,
Exultant, content, full of life,
and yet had nothing to say!

I nudge my precious, and ask him: "What do I say?"
He smiles at me, and says "Just tell them you enjoyed your day!"
I know I had a rapturous day, 
But I have no clue what to say!

Ripples, gleaming sun, wind in the sail,
Things you can't articulate,
Memories shaping along the way,
Yet there is nothing to say!

Holding hands, gazing in the sun's heart,
Toes dipped in the cool water, 
Watching the fish at play,
What could you possibly say?

Bills, jobs, chores, left at bay,
Dreams, aspirations, hopes led your way,
Imbued with the wind's libretto,
Still nothing to say!

A bed of sand, a pillow of grass,
The scent of wildflowers,
A heart-warming paddling of ducks,
How do you use words to say?

Cheery voices, little feet pattering,
Eloquent notes on the harp, your intertwined fingers drumming,
A rendezvous with bliss itself,
Trying to put words together, to say!

Freedom, elation, euphoria,
I could say,
But is that something you illustrate in words,
Or let your eyes, your silence say!

Elements of nature, 
A sense of calm, they endow,
Moments of retrospection,
You think, but could possibly not say!

Voices drowned in traffic, T.V. and computers,
The soul drifts astray,
An abode then you find, for your quintessence,
But know not what to say!

Now and then, enjoying the sun,
Feeling the water, cherishing a posy,
Admiring the hinterland,
Leaves you astounded, with nothing to say!

My mind out of miasma,
A grin on my face,
A twinkle in my eye,
I know exactly what to say!

"With the ardor of a companion,
Gratified for the wonders of life, 
I am happy as can be, ready to embrace both, the beauty and the beast!"
Is there anything more to say?


  1. akes patience to spurt so many paragraphs that rhyme.Well written.

  2. That is an elegant, well-sculpted poem. You have chosen to paint it in two colours and they contrast well with each other: the tedium of living and the joy of life. I loved the pithical words towards the end:

    My mind out of miasma,
    A grin on my face,
    A twinkle in my eye,
    I know exactly what to say

    I am happy you said this.

    1. Thank you Sir, for your generous comments, I am happy I could put the crux of the poem across. It means a lot to hear appreciation from such a well-established writer as you :)
      I am glad my poem made you happy!!I always look forward to your comments and opinions, it helps me grow as a writer!! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  3. What a beautiful poem, Amruta! Too good...I too am not getting "anything to say" more...wonderful!

    1. Thank you Rohini... I am glad you liked the poem :) Just trying my hand at poetry!!

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