Friday, August 17, 2012

Do I deserve to be free?

What vision did our forefathers possess?
What principles did our revolutionaries champion?
Do I remember those or are they a blur?
Do I then deserve to be free??

What does freedom mean to me?
What do I give in return?
Do I realize my responsibility or is it just a petty word?
Do I really deserve to be free?

Do I know the difference between my fundamental right,
and the wisdom to apply it as my fundamental duty?
Do I just exploit my freedom and ignore the duties?
Do I really deserve to be free?

Am I ignorant to my country's state?
Do I claim there is no reform needed?
Do I think I am just a spectator?
Why, then should I deserve to be free?

Do I celebrate my nation, infuse love for the country?
Do I accept my country with it's flaws and assets?
What do I do to turn the afflictions into ambrosia?
Can I really claim that I deserve to be free?

Do I pervade the vitality of knowledge,
Across barriers of poverty, injustice, corruption?
Do I believe in freedom of spirit?
If yes, then I deserve to be free...

Do I strive to obliterate all divides?
Economic, caste, creed, gender ?
Do I know that freedom is for all peoples, alike?
I ask myself, do I deserve to be free?

Do I turn a blind eye and deaf ear?
Do I wait for others to take charge, pretend there is nothing I can do?
Do I encourage others to shut their eyes too?
Do I then deserve to be free?

Am I perceptive to the hardships of our protectors?
Am I thankful for the sacrifices?
Do I show gratitude for the goodwill of some?
Only if I do, do I deserve to be free...

Do I make my country proud?
Do I wear a passionate shroud?
Am I the future our predecessors dreamed of?
Would they think I deserve to be free?

Do I preserve my culture?
And yet welcome diversity?
Am I the docile, yet feisty Indian, when need be?
Do I deserve to be free?

Do I propagate freedom of speech, expression?
Do I raise my voice against injustice?
Do I comprehend the power of the people?
Then I deserve to be free...

Do I take pride in my history?
Do I participate in making history?
Do I have huge dreams for my country's future?
Then I might deserve to be free?

Do I embrace the new meaning of freedom?
And propagate both technological and environmental freedom?
Do I comprehend the need for global freedom?
Do I really deserve to be free?

If I could answer in the affirmative for all of these,
If only I can claim to have impartially cheered for humanity,
If I can confirm to have exercised freedom astutely,
My ancestors would confidently say that I deserve to be FREE!


  1. That is a bucket full of questions and valid ones tooo...

    I hope we can get answers , but i know one answer to do we deserve independance , that is easy .. NO we dont ..

    look what we have done to our great nation and this time its no ones fault , we cant say outsiders did it because WE THE citizens are to be blamed ..

    first time here and I loved the poem the questions asked


    1. Very true, I know if each one of us just questioned themselves, it would be so much more easier. That is why, I called the poem "Do I deserve to be free?". I don't want to point fingers, when I am not sure if I am doing my part!!
      Thanks, Bikramjit, for visiting my blog... I am glad you liked what you read, I hope I can keep you interested, henceforth too :)

  2. Good One Amruta, Loved the way you have colored the fonts as well.

    1. Thanks, Jayashree... I like to play with colors :)


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