Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Silence kills

Silence kills...
Ask the morose man in the library.
Ask the couple with no conversation,
Ask the girl alienated by her friends,
Ask the boy who stares at his video game.

Silence kills...
The family who lost their only child,
The star-crossed lovers punished by fate,
The survivor waiting for the doctor's diagnosis,
The child who senses disappointment in his parents' silence.

Silence is golden; is it really though?
Not when it is a punishment,
Not when it reeks of resentment,
Not when it is a sign of emotions pent,
Not when your life is a crescent;

If only...
Silence, you could anxiety,
Differences, fate, hate, 
Judgement, anger, melancholy, 
Then fear, you wouldn't silence.

And a true companion you will find,
In lows and highs,
Holding a mirror to your soul,
A Silence that will usher in solitude,
Serene, tranquil and gratifying!


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