Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am happy!!!

When the world around you is falling apart, when everything and everyone moves at such a fast pace when there are so many dangers in this high-speed life, what does one do to stay calm?

I read an article a few days back, where the author said that she was thankful that she could find peace in shopping. A very weird comment, when there are so many more important things in life that need your attention. But, when I got down to thinking about it, I realized that all of us have our own sanctum. There could be various options to choose from and some of the choices could be pretty surprising.

When the Osamas and the Gaddafis are spreading around terror and violence, when you see no value for human life, you are bound to retrospect life as a journey altogether and really think about how enjoyable the journey is. When you have to think about the usual worries an adult life brings, you have to find ways to maintain your sanity. There are so many things that could take a toll on you, sometimes it is health, other times it is money, maybe sometimes safety. No matter what it is, the human brain does find things to think about and they are not always pleasant thoughts. To think of it, that is the precise reason, why children are so happy and childhood is the best time for most of the people. Children don't worry about the ugly face of life, they are so absorbed in finding things that make life interesting and that please them from within.

The world is a strange place, there are so many things that bother me, the economical inequality, broken families, scary diseases, and just sheer bad luck sometimes. If I started thinking about all those things, I don't think I would ever be able to smile. It is so disheartening to see life being unfair on so many people and it makes you think what did you do to deserve better. That is when you find a reason to be happy, because life is not fair, but it sure is beautiful if you have the time and peace to find the beauty.

I am glad that raindrops on the window make me happy, the fragrance of water drops hitting the sun-parched ground for the first time stimulate my senses. I am thankful that when I come home from a not-so-good day at work, I can look at my garden and find pleasure in the dancing flowers. I am very ecstatic that listening to my nephew's squeals and laughter fill my life with joy. It is these little things in life that make the dreaded journey worth the troubles. I think, a lot depends on how you handle your mind when faced with scary situations.

I look at homeless people, terminally ill children and many other troubled souls. It always surprised me to see that look of satisfaction and pleasure in their eyes. Life had not dealt them a fair hand, then what made them grateful for everything? It was from them I learnt that life does not have to be good by itself, you make it beautiful or ugly.

If it was not for these little changes in life, what would it be, but an endeavor where you live to work and earn. I have heard a lot of women say they shop when they are down. It is like therapy for them. Some people say movies take them away from their life and makes them happy. Some find pleasure in pets and revel in the oh-so-warm and fuzzy feeling within them. No matter what it is, it is for you to decide where you find peace and stick to it. Whatever makes you feel good is the one thing worth hanging on to, since that is what will help you through tougher tides. When it is asked of people to pause to smell the roses, I would say find a different flower to smell everyday. There are so many things that can evoke the happy thought process, they are just waiting to be found by you.

I am happy that I am still capable of finding happiness and survive the tough blows. Because it is only in those moments of peace and satisfaction, when I find all the solutions to your worries. It is then that you can help spread the cheer and do your bit to make this world a better and beautiful place. I can't think of what the cynical people must do to make this life worthwhile. And as people say, life really is very short to be able to take in the wonders and blunders of the world. Soak it all in and retain the wonders, the blunders will automatically find a way to fizzle out of memory.

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  1. its so beautiful..am seriously happy after reading this ...and i believe that happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence


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