Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ENOUGH and Beyond!

When you are in the dungeons,
when life is unfair,
when you are left alone, 
where do you find answers?

When you want something so bad,
when you have put in everything you have got,
when you get a closed door at every step,
which door do you knock next?

When all you want is a little happiness,
when all you need is a good talk,
but all you get is disappointment and loneliness,
who do you share your sorrows with?

When you think you have tried your hardest,
when you don't see any other way,
when your efforts are overpowered by destiny's play,
how do you not let your confidence sway?

When soothing words don't help,
when all the laughter around doesn't bring a smile to your face,
when you feel incomplete even with loved ones,
how do you heal yourself?

When every drop of energy has been sucked out,
when there is no room for hope,
when success runs in the opposite direction at your sight,
where do you find satisfaction?

When there are so many tough questions to answer,
and nobody to help you cheat on this test,
you look within yourself,
and ask if it should be you or someone else taking action?

When life is a maze,
when it is impossible not to be glum,
you search your soul,
and check if it's time to translate your disappointment into perseverance?

When you have pursued every dream,
when you have driven yourself towards success,
stop for a moment and think,
how mundane life would have been without new mountains to scale?


  1. Lovely lines, very well written :)
    indeed sucess makes us want more sucess and in that process we lose sum valueable moments of life, D RAT's race is indeed mundane....thnx for visiting my blog :)

    1. Thanks is nice to hear back views from the readers :)

  2. Brilliantly written. Every line will probably feature in the Most Asked Questions to ourselves in our lives. And the answers to those questions lies within us, we just need to dig in a little deeper.

    Great poem with deep meaning. :)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Akshay, appreciate the compliment!
      I agree with you that your strengths and weaknesses both lie within you, you just need some soul-searching!

  3. The questions you put forward were really the concerns of every person..Though everyone doesnt think it in the way you do.. Nice poem..though was not rhyming, the pattern has given it a rhyming effect overall..

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